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"A MORE PROMISING LAND OF PROMISE" has over 170 items listed and explained, in relation to the scriptures, to backup the Mala Hypothesis.


Mesoamerica is the most popular setting for Book of Mormon events. Unfortunately it is not a suitable location. Major problems include:

  1. Virtually impossible 16,000 mile, open-sea voyages for amateurs on barges with families and livestock.
  2. Directions, e.g. the totally wrong orientation of Tehuantepec.
  3. Non-peninsular setting (See Alma 22:32).
  4. No Middle East script or hieroglyphics or writing material (e.g. clay tablets).
  5. No reasonable similarity to Middle East languages.
  6. Serious chronology mismatches, e.g., no advanced culture in 3,000 B.C. (Jaredite).
  7. Tehuantopec is far too wide to cross in 1.5 days and is not long enough.
  8. None of the Book of Mormon animals were there during BofM times.
  9. Important Mesoamerican animals, including Bison, Jaguars, Turkeys and Quetzal birds are not mentioned in the BofM.
  10. There were no useful wheels or carts or chariots or carriages or beasts of burden to pull them.
  11. Virtually no Middle East grains, fruits, vegetables, spices, or other plants were grown there.
  12. America had extremely productive crop plants (tomatoes, potatoes, squash, etc.). Yet, none of them is mentioned in the BofM (Note: the term “corn” does not necessarily refer to maize).
  13. No evidence of mining, metallurgy, bellows, crucibles, molds, etc. have been found.
  14. Mesoamericans had no metal tools, weapons, helmets, breastplates, farm equipment, etc. They were still in the Stone Age when Spaniards arrived.
  15. It has no narrow strip of mountain wilderness extending across the Land Southward.
  16. It has neither East nor West Sea.
  17. It has no major river (Sidon) which runs continuously north.
  18. It had no well-populated centers (capitals parts of land) near the mouth of the proposed Sidon (Grijalva).
  19. Not even a single Book of Mormon artifact has been found which convincingly indicates the presence of Book of Mormon people.
  20. No Book of Mormon place names in reasonable locations have been found in Mesoamerica.
  21. Mesoamerican Hypotheses provide no way to explain why Book of Mormon people exhibited Oriental thought and behavior.
  22. No evidence of explosive-type volcanic eruptions to explain the cataclysmic events at the time of the crucification.
  23. Many massive stone temples (ziggurats) were constructed with huge expenditures of time and energy. Yet there is no mention of stone buildings in the Book of Mormon.
  24. Unlike Book of Mormon accounts (e.g. 3 Ne 11) the temples were used for slaughter of thousands of innocent victims to appease vindicitive gods! Body parts were eaten as delicacies!
  25. Mesoamerican Hypotheses provide no reasonable way to incorporate the Polynesians into the Book of Mormon family.
  26. Most advanced Central American cultures originated after the Jaredites and Nephites had all been annihilated.
  27. How can the Gospel go forth to the Nephites and the Jacobites and the Josephites and the Zoramites in the Latter Days (D & C 3:16-18) if they were all annihilated?

Fortunately, the Malay Peninsula provides a setting to reasonably resolve all of these problems. . . AND MORE! Having an appropriate setting should help immeasurably in authenticating the Book of Mormon as genuine scripture and Joseph Smith as a genuine Prophet.

I've identified over 180 items where Mala works over Meso.  A More Promising Land of Promise contains evidence supporting a new site for Book of Mormon events. It provides a narrow peninsula extending north south. Not only do the geograpy and terrain match, the voyages would have been easier, and the animals and plants are indigineous. Many sites in reasonable locations and with reasonable names match those of the Book of Mormon. Inscribed metal plates, held together with rings, have been found nearby. Hebrew lettering has been found as have references to the Bible. Languages and beliefs have Mideast connections. Small Groups "hived off" the peninsula and went elsewhere (including Islands of the Pacific and to America). It even accomodates DNA evidence. On modern maps there exists a Hill Maw (Hill Ramah? where most of the inscribed gold plates of Mormon were hidden). These plates could be the most important archaelogical find in the history of mankind.

Copies of a book on the topic are in the main libraries at Utah State University, the University of Utah, and Montana State University (Title: The Malay Peninsula as the Setting for the Book of Mormon). Or you can purchase "A More Promising Land of Promise" or "The Malay Peninsula as the Setting for the Book of Mormon" from this site.

Good Mormoning to All,

Ralph A. Olsen

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